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With so many web sites and so much information on the internet it can sometimes seem almost impossible to find useful wholesale jewelry web sites. 

Luckily we've embarked on a campaign to make life a lot easier for people trying to find great jewelry online. We've looked at and ranked wholesale jewelry sites and have found that the following sites are the best ones around. 

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Celebrity Inspired SparklesForever.com offers some of the hottest items on the market today. No need to pay over priced imitators, when you can almost duplicate items on this site. At their Celebrity inspired section.

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Bridal Boutique at Sparklesforever.com Here you'll find all sorts of Bridal needs, from amazing looking designers.  There are sets available as well to turn your bridesmaids into amazing models.  Don't wait and take a look at these pieces.

If you visit these sites and find the wholesale jewelry information you are looking for, not only will you have found the information, but you will have saved yourself a lot of time and aggravation by not visiting the thousands and thousands of less useful sites. 

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